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First New York Dragoons Civil War History and Roster 

my imageRare out of print 1865 Civil War Book documents the involvement of the First New York Dragoons in the civil war. It was resurrected from the attic of my grandfather who’s father was in the war. It has been up-dated to include historical documents and pictures.  The roster is loaded with a storehouse of genealogical data of first and last names, rank and other significant information. The  New York State Military Museum and Veterans Research Center has added it to their collection. The Warsaw Historical Society in New York Currently has it in their glass display case in their main room. They accessioned it with the last name of every Warsaw Soldier for research ease. Their Curator, George Ann Almeter says, ‘This is a well researched and very readable book that includes era letters, anecdotes and portraits of many of the soldiers. An excellent volume for review of personal and military engagements from Deserted House, Va., Jan. 30, 1863 to Appomattox Church House (Lee’s Surrender), April 9, 1865. A necessary addition for any library as a supplement to the Civil War to bring the war home to the reader.
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Partial list of soldiers included in the roster.   *  in front of the name indicates their picture in the book.

Abbot, Abbott, Abrams, Adams, Albright, Aldernam, Aldrich, Alford, Allen, Annabal, Annis, Ansel, Arnold, Atwell, Babcock, Bacon, Baker, Barber, Barnes, *Barnett, Barns, Barrager, Barrell, Barron, Barton, Bayer, Beach, Beadle, Beebe, Beecher, Belden, Bennett, Bigelow, Bills, Binder, *Bishop, Blackman, Blanchard, Bliss, Bonnond, Booher, Booth, Borden, Botsford, Bowen, Boyd, *Bradish, *Bradley, Brainard, Brenell, Brennan, Brick, Briggs, Brightlop, Britton, Booker, Brown, Brundage, Buck, Buckley, Burke, Burkhard, Burlison, Burr, Bursley, Bush, Bushnell, Butler, Callahan, Calvin, Cameron, Camp, Campbell, Card, Carpenter, Carroll, Carter, Cary, Case, Chamberlain, Chapin, Chapman, Chase, Chilson, *Clark, Clifford, Cluet, Cobb, Colcharta, Cole, Conklin, Connor, Cook, Cornell, Cotten, Covell, Coy, Crane, Crawford, Crittenden, Crocker, Cross, Culbertson, Cummings, Curtis, Daily, Daniels, Darling, Davis, *Day, Dewey, *Draper, Driscoll, Duggan, Dunn, Eber, Elliott, Ellis, Emmons, Farman, Farnsworth, Ferguson, Fish, *Fisher, Flint, Ford, Foster, Fowler, Fox, Francis, Freeman, Fry, *Gage, *Gardner, Garrett, Gearhart, Gibbs, Gibson, Gilbert, Gilman, Gleason, *Gibbs, Godfrey, Graham, *Granger, Graves, Gray, Green, Griffith, Griggs, Griswold, Grover, *Haight, Hakes, Haley, Hall, Halsted, Hamilton, Hanks, Harden, Harding, *Hardy, Hare, Harrington, Hartmen, Harvey, Harwood, Hatch, Heath, Helmer, Hennig, Henshaw, Herrington, Hicks, Hinman, Hitchock, *Hoffman, *Holley, Hooker, Hopkins, Horton, House, Howard, Howe, Hubbard, *Humphrey, Hunt, Hyde, Jackson, James, Jefferson, *Jennings, Johnson, *Jones, Karns, Keghan, Kelley, Kerslaw, Ketch, King, Kinney, *Knapp, *Knox, Lancey, Land, *Lawrence, Lawton, Leach, Leddick, Lee, Leggett, *Lemen, Lewis, Lilly, Lockwood, *Lorish, Luther, Lyman, Lyon, Mack, Mahanna, Masterson, Mattison, McCabe, McGuire, McIntosh, McMann, Meade, Merchant, Miller, *Mix, Moore, Moores, Morey, Morris, *Munger, Murphy, Needham, Nichols, *Norton, Ogilvie, Oliver, Olney, Orcutt, Osborne, Osgood, Page, Palmer, Parker, Parkins, Patridge, Patterson, Payn, Peck, Pettebone, Pettie, Phelps, Pinney, Pratt, Prosper, Pryor, Purchase, Pursell, Randolph, Ransom, Rathbone, Reed, Roberts, Robinson, Rogers, Rood, *Root, Royce, Sabin, Sackett, *Saddler, Sales, *Salisberry, Sanderson, Saterly, Saunders, Schleick, *Scott, Sears, Shaw, Sheldon, Simmons, Simonds, Simons, Simpson, Skinner, Slater, Slocum, Smith, Snow, *Snyder, Southworth, Spencer, Squires, Stanley Starks, Sterling, Stratton, Strawberger, Street, Sweet, Swift, Tallman, Taylor, Terry, Thompson, *Thorp, Torrey, Townsend, Tucker, Vanderwalker, Wade, Wakeman, Walcott, Waldo, Walker, Waller, Walsh, Warner, Washburn, Wasterson, Waters, Watts, Weaver, Welch, Wells, Wessells, West, Wheelock, White, Wickson, Wight, Wilcox, Wilkins, William Williams, Wilson, *Winegar, Wing, Wolf, Wood, Worclen, Yeomans and many more….

Civil War History and Roster of the First New York Dragoons continued

Civil War Re-enactment

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  1. 12/8/2013

    I really enjoyed your book. Thank you for printing it and remembering this brave regiment. Brad

    • 12/10/2013

      Thank you Brad. It’s good to hear. Met some great people collecting the info to add to my great grandfathers book. He was in company I. So very glad you enjoyed it. Deanna

  2. 12/9/2015

    I have a 1913 Gettysburg photo, Mark Winchester Heath private 1st NY Dragoons, my great grandfather, plus 2 addl photos of unidentified veterans which I would share. Cannot locate ANY photos of Dragoons online. Suggest any sources?

    I have Bowen’s Regimental History. I really would hate to spend for “Civil War History and Roster of the First NY Dragoons” if it turns out to be a mashup with Bowen’s book. Is it, or ain’t it? Cheap, yes, but I’m on a pension.

    • 12/14/2015

      Hello Mr. Dave Gleason,
      My book is a copy of my great grandfather’s book who was also in the civil war. It seems all the dragoons received one.
      It contains the history and a list of the soldiers with documents and pictures added. Bowen’s book has the same roster as a roster is a roster and the history is the history.

      Private Davis M Heath in Co B, page 36
      Private Mark W. Heath in Co I, page 90
      My great grandfather was also in company I

      If you would like me to add your photos to my website and a link to your website, let me know in reply email. If you authored a history or genealogy book, I will include your amazon link. In return I would like you to add my link to your website.
      Mystery Ancestors
      First New York Dragoons
      First New York Dragoons Link Exchange

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