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WWII Life Magazine Photos

Life Magazine Photos

were sent to my email box by an email friend.  The people in these photos are identified.  Others to still be identified can be found at Mystery Ancestors  photo blog website.


 General Dwight D. Eisenhower 1945



Lt. General  James H. Doolittle and George S. Patton

Saluting the troops after landing at Los Angeles Airfield 1945.

GenDouglasMacArthurposinginaseriousmanorforhisportraitMarch1947_zpsb676775b General Douglas MacArthur – March 1947


Shirley Slade,

Pilot Trainee in the Women’s flying training detachment.  Avenger Field Sweetwater, TX, July 1943


lt_edward_h_butch_o'hare_usn_1945 Lt. Edward H. Butch O’Hare, USN 1942



Clark Gable




Clark Gable after the war 1946


Published on Sep 6, 2012  “Gable flew bombing missions with the 351st until he was ordered to stop by “the Brass.” He felt he had to share the danger and experience what these B-17 crews were going through to make an honest film. I digitally color corrected. a copy of this film from the National Archives. Zeno, Zeno’s Warbird Video Drive-  I copied this from uTube.




 Col. Jimmy Stewart,

in his hometown upon his return from WWII




Audie Murphy March 1948

eddie rickenbacker 1942

Eddie Rickenbacker addressing the troops. 1942


 Queen ElizabethII

served as a mechanic and driver in World War 2.  (Wonder if that’s really her).


Admiral Chester W. Nimitz during WWII 1942


American General Anthony McAuliffe,

commander of the 101st Airborne at Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge, February 1945


Admiral William F. Halsey,

working at his desk abroad the carrier.  1945


Crewman Lifting injured airman Kenneth Bratton (AOM) out of turrent of TBF aircraft on USS Saratoga after raid on Rabaul during WWII 1943.


Don Gentile 1944


Captain Joseph J. Foss

wearing the congressional Medal of Honor in a portrait.  May 1943

More Life Magazine photos to be added this page.



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