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Some extremely rare WWI pictures from the Australian War Memorial Archives


 Squadrons of the 4th Australian Light Horse Brigade in formation at Gaza

Picture: Frank Hurley, February 1918


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 The 2nd Australian Light Horse Regiment behind the front line barricades at Nalin in Palestine, one man passing across a grenade.

Picture: Frank Hurley, January 17, 1918


!cid_59BC4D118B9E4ECAA342CD922E67369C@DEANNA 2_compressed   Australians of the Imperial Camel Corps form up at Rafa, Egypt.

Picture: Frank Hurley, 26 January 1918


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 The 3rd Australian Light Horse Regiment machinegun in action at Khurbetha-Ibn, Palestine.

Picture: Frank Hurley, New Year’s Eve 1917



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 An Australian Light Horse Field Ambulance wagon on the Philistine Plain, Palestine. Picture: Frank Hurley, 1918


 !cid_27D56A56256843FB8738879271FD6BE4@DEANNA 2_compressed

 Four camel ambulances attached to the Imperial Camel Corps at Rafa – used as a base for the attack on Gaza.

Picture: Frank Hurley, 1918


 !cid_00189FBB6C7544A1ABEB8C7598DE24F5@DEANNA 2_compressed

 Soldiers, mules and carts stopped on a street in the ruined village of Voormezeele on the Western Front in Belgium.

Picture Frank Hurley, August 1917


 !cid_753E31DDECFD4B8381E115F28A7D3585@DEANNA 2_compressed

Waiting the order to fire a camouflaged eight inch gun from the 1st Australian Siege Battery before the main attack on Polygon Wood in Belgium.

Picture: Frank Hurley, September 1917


!cid_AC4F30512F2348619B1BD1F37DC0096B@DEANNA 2_compressed Stretcher bearers of the 13th Field Ambulance resting at a dressing station on Westhoek Ridge on the Western Front.

Picture: Frank Hurley, October 1917


 !cid_B8292E18F05B443EAC0EF315D6230EFB@DEANNA 2_compressed

French Premier Georges Benjamin Clemenceau on his only visit to the Australian front at the Somme, pictured with 4th Division command including Brigadier General Thomas Blamey, CMG, DSO, second from left. Picture: Unknown, July 7, 1918


 !cid_CCC474C4514D408C961A26088306F398@DEANNA 2_compressed

 Australian Flying Corps planes in Palestine. Picture: Frank Hurley, 1918


 !cid_D29D2DB1059D49E69D9861BCC6307D19@DEANNA 2_compressed

 The derelict hulk of a British tank on the Pozieres battlefield – a battle in which for Australian troops distinguished themselves but suffered heavy losses while taking the French village and ridge from the Germans. Picture: Frank Hurley, 1917


 !cid_B445629D8DE04E58A3D78C40B4FB1799@DEANNA 2_compressed

 Scattered graves marked by simple white crosses on the old Somme battlefields in France. Picture: Frank Hurley,

September 1917




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