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  1. 12/31/2013
    Ben Groesbeck

    Thanks for the links, you are quite the author. Great reviews on your writings. We are so fortunate to have such great talent in our community.

    • 01/2/2014

      Ben, you are too kind. I only conpile pictures and info that may be of interest to others. Some you sent me will be added today either here or in You send such great pictures. Deanna

  2. 06/17/2014

    Is it possible you have this site mixed up with another? This is the first comment I have received from you.

  3. 10/25/2014
    Karin Book

    I have an 1890 Veteran’s Schedule that lists my ancestor, David McKay. He lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as early as 1870 but he was not originally from Pittsburgh. On the Veteran’s Schedule, it says next to his name “Co C 19th NY Cav” and the dates April 1862 to July 1864. Would the Co C 19th Cav be the same as the NY Dragoons?

    • 10/25/2014

      Hello Karin,
      It’s been awhile since working with the history of the First New York Dragoons. Have been spending my spare time in adding pictures to the website.

      130th regiment of infantry was designated 19th regiment of cavalry: August 11, 1863
      19th regiment of cavalry was designated 1st regiment of dragoons: September 10, 1863

      The 130th Regiment of New York Volunteer Infantry was converted into a mounted regiment, July 28, 1863 and August 11, 1863, and designated the 19th Regiment of Cavalry; September 10, 1863, this designation was changed to 1st Regiment of Dragoons, under which heading the sketch of the regiment will be found. Source: New York Military Museum and Veterans Research Center

      The First New York Dragoons and the NY 130th are considered one-in-the same.

      I checked the roster in my book, Civil War History and Roster of the First New York Dragoons. Unfortunately didn’t find David McKay in company C. so, looked in the complete roster but still didn’t see him. Don’t give up.

      You might check with the Warsaw Historical Society. They are located at the Gates House Museum, 15 Perry Avenue Warsaw, NY 14569. (585) 786-5240. My info on the phone number and email address is old but, won’t hurt to give them a try. Please let me know what you find.
      Good luck, Deanna

  4. 12/28/2014

    Thanks for you research available on the web. I am researching a Spencer Carbine rifle that was issued to the 19th NY Volunteer Cavalry Company F on Sept 1864 according to the Springfield Research files (SRS). Which I now find out changed its name numerous times to the 1st Dragoons Regiment of NY and was in the Army of the Potomac as well as the Army of Shenandoah. Possibly this gun was also present at Appomattox VA during Lee’s surrender. I tried looking for pictures of this regiment holding rifles, but could not down load any to get a more zoomed in look. I have also been looking to see what the uniforms looked like.

  5. 09/14/2015

    My great grandfather and great uncle served in the Co. E 130th Regiment NYS Volunteers, First NY Dragoons, 19th NY Cavalry, Charles Walsh and Orville Proctor. Walsh passed away at the National Home for Soldiers in Virginia in 1912. I would love to find out more about them and their time in service

    • 09/14/2015

      Hello Mr, Brewley,
      They are both listed in my book, ‘Civil War History and Roster of the First New York Dragoons.
      Charles Walsh was a 2nd Lieutenant in Company E. He was appointed February 9, 1865. Page 27.
      Orville O. Proctor was a private, also in Company E. Page 71. My book includes the Regimental History.

      Do you have pictures or stories you would like to share? With your permission I will include them on my website in the hopes it will attract others with information for you.

  6. 11/28/2016


    I have a hard image of Corporal William Manning or Maring from Co. G. Would you be interested in it?

    • 11/28/2016

      Hello Jason,
      I would love a copy of Corporal William Manning/Maring’s picture. I have him as Private William Maring. Please tell me more.

      With your permission, I will add his picture along with your up-dated information to the Civil War section of the website.

      Please check your email for my private email address.

      Thank you,

      • 11/28/2016


        I did not see the email/ Please try sending me another. Thanks,


        • 11/29/2016

          Email resent. Capitalized CORPORAL WILLIAM MARING in the subject line.
          Used the email address you provided when joining the site.
          Good luck,

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