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President Trump Launches Tomahawk Missile Strike on Syrian Airbase.

April 6, 2017:  As President Trump was dining with the Chinese president Xi Jinping,  59 Tomahawk cruise missiles were launched retaliation for Asaud using chemical weapons on innocent men, women and children. They hit the al-Shayrat airfield near Homs at about 8:45 p.m. eastern Thursday evening.   The missiles were fired from two U.S. warships, USS Ross and USS Porter, in the Mediterranean Sea.

April 6, 2017:  President Trump meets with President Xi Jinping at Mar-A-Lago

April 6, 2017:  Judge Niel Gorsuch  became Justice Niel Gorsuch on the supreme court.

April 4, 2017:  Just couldn’t put this at the top of the page;   Heart Touching Syria Chemical Attack Victims.  Assad dropped a second bomb on the hospital.  Good Grief!


April 8, 2017:  The USS Vincent headed for Australia has turned around and appears to be  headed for Korea.

April 10, 2010:  Neil Gorsuch was sworn in as the 113 Justice of the Supreme Court.


April 13, 2017, 7:32 am Afghanistan time, 10:32 am Eastern time:  A U.S. Air Force MC-130 transport plane dropped ‘the mother of all bombs’, a Non-Nuclear GBU-43/B bomb on the Afghanistan tunnels and caves in the Achin district of Nangarhar province.  The MOAB is the first time used .  It has a one mile blast radius.

May 30, 2017:  U.S. Missile Defense Agency launched a ground-based interceptor from Vandenberg Air Force Base which successfully collided with an ICBM-class target over the Pacific Ocean.  The ICBM was launched from the Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site in the Marshall Islands.